Business Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals Forum

The Forum is organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in collaboration with the Agencia Presidencial de Cooperación International de Colombia, 13-14 December 2022, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Forum will showcase how social and inclusive business, and impact investing, can accelerate progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and facilitate South-South cooperation between the Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions on these agendas.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are transforming how the private sector contributes to inclusive and sustainable development: Corporations are realigning their priorities based on the SDGs. Innovative business models such as social enterprises and inclusive businesses are emerging, which purposefully aim to address social and environmental challenges, as well as provide products and services to those at the base of the economic pyramid. And financiers are shifting from investing for profit to investing for impact.

Government policies have played a key role in promoting these business innovations and in directing the private sector towards inclusive and sustainable development. For example, it is government regulation that led to the emergence of collective benefit and interest companies, which have an obligation to create positive impact on society and the environment. Similarly, targeted government policies are emerging to promote innovation within companies for a clean energy transition, supporting the ambitions of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Against this backdrop, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and the Agencia Presidencial De Cooperación Internacional de Colombia (APC-Colombia) are organizing the Business Innovation for the SDGs Forum.


The Business Innovation for the SDGs Forum will create a space for knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices between policymakers from Asia-Pacific and Latin America with the overall aim of triggering South-South collaboration between the two regions on the topic of business innovation for the SDGs.


The Forum is designed as a platform for sharing between policymakers from Asia-Pacific and Latin America, who are involved in promoting business innovation for sustainable development, as well as other stakeholders engaged in business innovation for the SDGs in Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

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ธันวาคม 13 @ 09:00 — ธันวาคม 14 @ 17:00
09:00 — 17:00 (32h)

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