SE Thailand collaborates with the public, private and civil society sectors to co-create greater social impact, with the focus to enhance the capacity of social enterprises through various services and activities. We also connect the Thai social entrepreneurs to the growing international network.

In whichever sector you are working, we believe that engagement with social enterprises will enhance the value of your works. Thus, we would like to invite you to be an important part in creating a better society with us by becoming a social entrepreneur or join forces with us in supporting social enterprises to create and scale their impact.


SE Thailand supports social entrepreneurs in creating and scaling social impact. We encourage creativity in the field and promote synergy among all sectors that contribute to the development of our member social entrepreneurs. This include the assistance to help our members find the suitable business model to achieve their organizations’ missions, enhance our members’ capacity, and facilitate access to funding, markets and the resources needed.


SE Thailand strongly believes that corporates play a significant role in sustainable development by stimulating social innovation and developing social entrepreneurs which will bring about changes in the communities and society.

If you are one of the corporates who believe in creating shared value, join us to create greater impact.

We are also seeking strategic partners who share our commitment. Please contact us at partner@www.sethailand.org for more information.


We believe that everyone is interested in at least one social or environmental issue, and would like to take action in solving such problem.

For the general public who are interested in social entrepreneurship and would like to meet like-minded people, join us as an Associate Member. You can learn more about social entrepreneurship and join our community in many ways ranging from creating new ideas to inspiring others to take action for change.

If you would like to contribute your expertise in growing social enterprises, you can also become our mentor. We will match your skills and time commitment with the social enterprises to enhance their capacity.


As social enterprises around the globe seen as an efficient tool to achieve sustainable development with a focus on the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit), SE Thailand welcomes partnership with international organizations who are interested to take part in building a stronger ecosystem.


SE Thailand welcomes the collaboration with all sectors including the government, state enterprises, NGOs, civil society, educational institution etc. to build a stronger network and ecosystem that enable social enterprises to create their impact.

We also welcome your ideas on strengthening social enterprises as a mechanism to drive the national economy while solving social and environmental problems.