About Us

The Association

The Social Enterprise Thailand Association or SE Thailand was established in January 2019,

as an organized entity based on the unofficial network of social enterprises formed since 2016. The Association acts as the connector among members and between members and other organizations with the aim to enable Thai social enterprises to grow their businesses while tackling social and environmental problems. We also share knowledge around social entrepreneurship with the wider public.


“To strengthen the Social Enterprises in Thailand through collaboration in solving social challenges and driving social development effectively”



CONNECT : Build a network among Social Enterprises and collaboration between Social Enterprises and other sectors to enhance social and environmental impact.

COMMUNICATE : Communicate and create practical
knowledge on Social Enterprises, while raising awareness for the general public.

CATALYZE : Advocate policies that contribute to solving social problems and creating social development through events, knowledge sharing, collaboration etc.

board of association

M.L.Dispanadda Diskul


Dr.Poonchai Chitanuntavitaya

Vice Chairman

Ms.Pakakrong Kwankhao


Mr.Krisada Saengchaiwutthikun

Member and Registrar

Mr.Vitoon Panyakul


Mr.Thanaboon Somboon


Mr.Arch Wongchindawest


Ms.Kesara Manchusree


Ms.Pradhana Chariyavilaskul

Member and Public Relations

Dr.Kulpatra Sirodom

Member and Treasurer

Mr.Peetachai Dejkraisak

Member and Secretary


Mr.Nick Pisalyaput
Ms.Sinee Chakthranont
Mr.Mechai Viravaidya
Mr.Vichian Pongsatorn
Mr.Sunit Shrestha


What is Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is an entity that aims to solve the social and environmental problems by using business which ensures efficiency and social innovation. This hybrid allows the entrepreneurs to be financially independent as it is operated based on sale of products or services instead of donation. The profit is then reinvested to scale the social impact. (TSEO)

The Association is a membership-based organization, aiming to strengthen the collaboration among its members and between its members and other organizations with the goal of supporting its member social enterprises in growing their businesses while enhancing the impact they create. The Association also supports the sharing of knowledge on social enterprises to the public audience.

There are two tracks of membership: the Ordinary Member and the Associate Member. Those who apply for Ordinary Membership must be social enterprises that have registered as juristic persons under the Thai law. As for the Associate Membership, any Thai national or juristic person who is interested in establishing social enterprises or supporting existing social enterprises can apply.

You can join as an Associate Member, which you will enjoy the benefit such as participation in classes and consulting hours offered by the Association. This will equip you with the knowledge and understanding in business entrepreneurship together with solving any social or environment problems you care about. You will also benefit from being part of the biggest network of social enterprises in Thailand, which will offer you opportunities to collaborate for greater impact of your work in the future.

Despite joining the Association as an Associate Member, any interested individual can also support the Association directly through a donation or support the social enterprises in our network through offering mentorship on the topic according to your expertise or applying for job positions with our member social enterprises.

You will get access to various kinds of services provided by the Association, for example classes and consulting hours, preferred purchase orders from the government and corporates, discount and privilege from our partners, networking events, etc. As a part of the biggest network of social enterprises in Thailand, you will also benefit from collaboration that will allow the scaling of your desired impact.

You could support our work by becoming an Associate Member or you can make a donation. Moreover, you could also support member social enterprises in our network through impact investments, encouraging your employees to become an expert mentor or co-develop projects with us to enhance the capacity of social enterprises in reaching their goals.